Café Spica - meeting place

Café Spica

gives families, single persons and by Advertise"> groups a place where they can meet other people and share experiences.

Café Spica is for chatting, learning language and by Advertise"> environment and having a cup of coffee or tea.

Café Spica is a place for interaction between refugees, immigrants and local residents through various activities and we act as a low threshold meeting place. 

Please come and enjoy the time together and find new friends.

Every second Thursday in Kyläkeskus Kultanummi, Vanhan Vaasankatu 8

begins 24.1. at 5 pm.

MEETINGS: 4.4, 18.4.


Mondays at 5 pm (working language Russian)

Mondays at 7 pm Finnish for beginners

Raastuvankatu 8, (neighbour of City Library)