Invitation to a cooperative writing project 2023-24

Mira ry and the Auroras network invite you to take part in a cooperative writing project.

Mira Society’s project for 2023-24 is to assemble a book (e-book or paperbook) made up of writing contributed by go-ahead people from different cultures.

This is the idea: to collect together written contributions by people who have moved to Vaasa from different countries.  We hope that the pieces will include:

1) reminiscences of the home country and the journey to Vaasa.

2) what sort of idea of Finland you had before arriving here, and

3) how Finnish reality shaped up to these ideas.

The writer is free to describe the experiences of themselves as well as their family members. They can also interview members of their family and fellow-countrymen and -women and base their account of their experiences on that.

There is no limit to the length of the piece of writing, but a couple of pages would be fine.  Poems are also welcome.

You are requested to send what you have written as an email attachment addressed to

You should also send a good-quality black and white photograph.  It doesn’t have to be a passport photo: another kind of photo will do just as well.

Please add a short introduction to yourself at the beginning.  It should include the following:

1) your name and age

2) when you came to Finland and to Vaasa, and where from.

3) your education or trade in your home country or in Finland.

4) some information about your family, and

5) anything else about yourself or your background that you would like mentioned.

Our hope is that we will receive a large number of contributions from people of different ages who have come to Vaasa from many different parts of the world.  You should write in English, Finnish or Swedish.

The pieces will be collected into a book.  Our aim is to have it ready in 2024, so you should send your contribution to Nadja by the end of December 2023 at the latest.

So get writing!

You can get more information from Nadja at 044 333 0039.

Best wishes, Kirsti Eneberg

044 213 9937